Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Awesome people: The opposite of fucked

In a group chat on Facebook over the past hour or so, some old friends (and a brand new one) came up with a plan for building a temporary handicapped ramp from my front porch to my driveway. Which will take almost all of the financial (to say nothing of emotional) pressure off being wheelchair bound for the next few weeks. If anyone else would like to get involved, I'm sure we'll need volunteer labor once we've solidified the plan. Drop me mail at my MIT address from the address you'd like put on the mailing list we'll be using for further coordination. (And identify yourself, if you're not sure I'll recognize it.)

The big effects of this are two: (1) I expect now to be effectively trapped in my house for something like 10 days, not 60. And (2) I expect to be able to sleep tonight without asking the nurse for a sleeping pill. Win, win!
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