Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

New fuckage

So, when I came home in the chair-car, I didn't have the leg-rests on my wheelchair. I can go an hour or two, if I'm careful, without the left (and really never need the right). So I failed to notice that, when they brought me home, they forgot to bring them in. And continued to fail to notice their absence for quite a while, including my initial exploration of the house and the time Kat was over and took a couple of my doors off their hinges. I did eventually notice that they were missing, and the driver showed up at my door with them a couple of hours ago. And even put the left one on for me. Which, in addition to being nice, was objectively good, inasmuch as I cannot put it on or take it off without violating my hip precautions --- i.e. getting into a position I'm not supposed to.

So about an hour ago I discovered that with the leg-rest on, I can't get through even the doorways Kat took the doors out of.

I spent most of the intervening time on the phone with the person at BCBS who's job is ostensibly to help me adapt. His helpful suggestion: That if I can't get into my bedroom, maybe I could sleep on my couch tonight, and maybe the Visiting Nurse tomorrow can help me get a wheelchair that fits through my doorways.
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