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I was going to write about the wonderful visit this morning from Abbe and her 5-year-old son, which was wonderful. Abbe's quietly competent take-charge attitude --- "Hey, would it help to organize foo by bar" --- was especially welcome, as I am decision-fatigued out.

But then the fuckage starts again. I got a call from Care Group --- the visiting Nurse/PT people. Whom I had been promised on discharge from Neville Center would be making their initial visit today. The call being to tell me I'd be getting my first visit tomorrow. I told the I'd been promised I'd see someone Today and they said they'd try. Which is presumably code for "see ya tomorrow." (Actually, I just now while writing this got a phone call confirming that tomorrow is the soonest they can send a PT.)

Meanwhile, I called the surgical coordinator for Dr. Mason (the surgeon who rebuilt my pelvis) to see if I could get some advice on how to cope with this situation in which it's basically impossible to maintain my hip precautions. (Which question I'd tried asking yesterday by leaving voicemail, which hadn't been returned.) She of course isn't able to offer any useful advice, but tells me I have an appointment with Dr. Mason tomorrow afternoon. Which she said had been made on the 6th, though it was news to me.

I am of course on my own for transportation to medical appointments. Currently the only way for me to get into or out of my house is to be strapped into a chair and have four people grab a corner each. Which means (having just called the local ambulance company) that the price to go to a medical appointment for me right now is $75 on each end for the carry-up service, plus $60 each way for the trip, plus $5/mile. Paid in advance. Which means, to keep tomorrow's appointment, I'll need to spend $330 up front just for transportation. Which is probably about the materials cost for the wheelchair ramp some friends are planning to build. Which would allow me to drive myself.


And postponing this appointment isn't a decision I want to even contemplate with my current state of decision fatigue.

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