Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Probably still at MAH through tonight

So I now know the reason I haven't been discharged to a skilled nursing facility, even though that has been what the Mt. Auburn medical staff have been recommending for at least two days: BCBS still wants to discharge me to home. My MAH medical team, like all the medical professionals who have any idea what being at home is like for me, maintain that I am not safe to go home as long as I am in non-weight-bearing-status on my left leg. BCBS can't kick me out of an acute car hospital: The hospital has to decide to discharge me. The only power they have here is to not approve my admission to an SNF. So, like a two-year-old holding their breath til they turn blue, the insurance company is continuing to pay for me to be an inpatient at an acute care hospital, rather than approve my admission to an SNF.

There's a commonplace among undergrads at places like MIT: "You know how dumb the average person is? Just remember, half of people are dumber than that.' I'm pretty sure I know where those people work.

At any rate, anyone who'e like to visit me is likely to still find me through tonight at Mt Auburn Hospital, Needham Bldg., room 704.
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