Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Moving today

Cancel previous remarks about how you'll likely be able to visit me at MAH this evening.

Someone at Blue Cross has extracted their head from their ass (at least momentarily), and I am being transferred today to a Skilled Nursing Facility:

Newton Health Care Center
2101 Washington St, Newton, MA 02462

BCBS have pre-approved me for 9 days, i.e. until Sat. 13 Feb. (They seem very fond of discharging people on weekends, presumably because none of the people a patient might think of calling to complain will be in their office.)

13 Feb is also 52 days after my second surgery (the one where they reconstructed my pelvis), and thus four days shy of the eight-weeks non-weight-bearing instructions I was given at the time. BCBS doubtless thinks I will be safe to move about my house in a walker by that time. I think it possible but highly unlikely, and expect that around 10 Feb the case manager at my new SNF will begin yet another of the head-vs-brick-wall battles that seem to be a constant feature of a case manager's life.
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