Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Doctor Visit, part 2

So, Dr Mason's assessment is that my pelvis is healing very nicely, and that at this point I can go from non-weight-bearing to 50%-weight-bearing on my left leg, building up to full weight-bearing as tolerated. And his written instructions to my SNF essentially say get this guy back to walking normally ASAP. Which is exactly what's needed for them to get BCBS to agree to extend my treatment. This time to the point that when I'm next sent home, it will actually be possible for me to (1) get myself into and out of the place, and (2) be able to take care of my daily needs. Which isn't to say I won't still need my walker and crutches. Just that when I'm next sent home and expected to be able to function there with just my walker and crutches, I'll actually be able to do so.

Pro Sports Orthopedic's Rehabilitation Services Referral form is printed on yellow paper, and I've been thinking of it, ever since Dr. Mason handed it to me a couple of hours ago, as my Golden Ticket.

When I got back to the SNF, they'd kept my lunch warm for me. Lunch today, it turns out, was turkey with gravy, stuffing, squash, and cranberry sauce. I just sincerely hope that I am not deluding myself by thinking it was the perfect time for Thanksgiving Dinner.

(Keeping a weather eye out and looking over my shoulder for Murphy.)

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