Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Discharge & Recovery Help Needed: the Prequil

I ended up sleeping away most of the 24 hours after my home visit. Partly because it really was exhausting; partly because I seem to have come down with a cold or some sort of weird off-season hay-fever. I have, at any rate, not had a lot of energy today.

I don't anticipate anything coming up that would cause me to challenge the he plan to send me home on 24 Feb (Weds.). And I am sufficiently low on mental energy that I've decided to preserve cycles by a method that feels utterly foreign to me but nonetheless like the best plan under the circumstances: I have no contingency plan, nor will I be making one. Que sera sera.

This rest of this post is largely for my own reference — an attempt to list all the things I expect to need to ask someone to help me out with over the next few weeks, til I'm able to be independent again. I will make some effort not to be so terse as to be only comprehensible to myself — that is, to express these in such a way that it will be at least conceivable for someone to say "Hey, I can take care of that one for you." But for the most part, I expect this to be a list of topics about which I'll be writing individual posts in the near future, each on the theme Hey, would someone like to help me out with foo?

Necessarily Pre-Discharge

  • Arrange ride home
  • Look for high-seat chairs

Preferably Pre-Discharge, or Discharge Day

  • Clear path on side of bed
  • Take Aeron for repair
  • Deal w/ laundry service

Post-Discharge, One Time

  • White laundry
  • Re-hang doors
  • Elevate Couch
  • Get rid of old futons
  • Goodwill
  • Get car

Post-Discharge, Approximately Weekly

  • Grocery Shopping
  • Make Bed
  • put away dishes?

Post-Discharge, Scheduled Weekly

  • Take out trash & recycling
  • Bring in recycle bin

Post-Discharge, as Opportunity Presents

  • Carpool to Kendall
  • Visitors
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