Alex (yakshaver) wrote,


I'm home. And this time there is no accompanying sense of impending doom!

Thanks to Sweettea, who arrived at 11:00 with an emergency supply of packing tape, and to the Care One Newton staff, who turned out to have a hotel-style luggage cart for just such occasions, I and all my stuff were in the front lobby by noon. At which time my ride — the amazing chenoameg — arrived, right on schedule. As she was putting my stuff into her car, one of my nurses arrived in a mad dash to give me one last medicataion, that had not yet arrived at the nursing station when I got the rest.

By 12:30, we'd reached my apartment. By 13:30, everything was in and in a reasonable place. Sweettea and Meg made for quicker work than I would have imagined possible of addressint my therapists' concerns from the home visit, and I had gratefully sent them both on their way to take up the normal daily business of their lives.

I then sat down to write this. And will now set about taking a leisurely stroll about the place (as leisurely as one can stroll in a walker, anyway) to try to get a sense of what my priorities for actually living here are, and to what extent I have not already thought of them.

It's good to be home.

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