Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

A good, hard day

I'm a little surprised to find myself writing this now. I'm tired and hungry and want nothing more than to eat my burrito and crash. But on the theory that writing a sentence between bites will keep me from wolfing my food down, here I am.

The amazing Kat offered me a ride, putting plan A back into play. She drove to my office, where I confirmed that I can get into my car without violating my hip precautions. (And that it would start.) Then I put in a brief appearance at the office, then took an uber to my PCP appointment. Which went quite well. But by the time I got into the uber for my return trip, I'd put more milage on my walker than in any three previous days. The driver very kindly put my walker (which I had foolishly turned into a non-folding walker, for reasons I'll flame about another time) into the back seat of my car. Which of course meant that I had no way to leave the car until someone took it out for me again. I'd sort-of planned for this, to the extent of asking my doctor to send my prescriptions to the only pharmacy I know of in the area with a drive-through window, and calling ken_r to see if he could meet me at my place to help me in. So I went to the pharmacy, and on the drive home realized that I hadn't had anything substantive to eat all day, and didn't have anything substantive at home to look forward to. So I called Anna's, found someone who was willing to go along with "I'd like to place a takeout order, but I can't really walk right now, so I was wondering if you could bring it to my car, which will be right outside your front door," and ordered two super burritos. Which I'd thought would make three meals, but having finished the first 2/3 at about the first "substantive" above, and still being hungry in spite of having paced myself, most of the rest of this post has been written while eating the last third of it. So now I'm sated, exhausted, and sore — though only in the feet and ankles, not in my hip, much to my surprise. So I bid you, dear reader, good night!

(P.S. I wonder if this is the most stream-of-consciousness thing I've ever posted?)
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