Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Need somoene to come by my place for ten minutes tomorrow.

I thought I had all my ducks in a row and just had to find out when the last of them would arrive in order to take a trip to town today. Then the pharmacy called and said the drug they'd said on Friday would be in today won't be in til tomorrow, obviating one of the main reasons for trying to take such a trip today.

So: I need someone to come by to help me with the front stairs tomorrow, twice — which can be one person twice, or two people. If you're available to come by my place in Arlington for ten minutes tomorrow, pretty much any time, please let me know. All I need is that one time window when someone's available be three-to-seven hours after another such window.

The requirements for helping me with the stairs are pretty minimal: For me to leave the houe, I need someone to carry a crutch from front door to top step of porch, hand me the crutch and take my walker, carry my walker down the steps and set it at the bottom of the stairs, take the crutch again once I get there, and carry the crutch to my car. When I come home, same thing in reverse.

If you can help any time tomorrow (Tues 1 March), please let me know.
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