Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Please drop by

I'm going to be at home the next four days straight (i.e. now through Sunday), and would very much appreciate any company. Your visit may occasionally be interrupted by a visiting therapist session, but most people who haven't been through it generally find those interesting anyway. I will also doubtless ask you to help with various things around the place that I either just can't do or find very difficult. But mostly I'd just like company.

I went to the office for a few hours yesterday, part of a venture out of the house that also included picking up a prescription and grocery shopping. So I was physically exhausted by the time I got home. But I was also still humming with emotional well-being from the half-dozen conversations with colleagues, and realized that's the thing I miss most about work. And the thing I miss most about life when I'm stuck home alone.

So if you'd like to come over any of the next four days, please let me know. And thank you!
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