Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Tuesday: 10 minutes on your way to work?

Can someone come by Tuesday morning before 08:00 to help me down the front stairs? Said help will consist in
  • Carrying a crutch ~10 feet from my front foyer to the top of the front porch stairs
  • Handing me the crutch and taking my walker when I get to the top of the stairs
  • Taking my walker down the stairs
  • Swapping walker for crutch when I get to the bottom of the stairs
  • Carrying the crutch ~50 feet to my car
That's it. The only reason it takes 10 minutes is that I move really slowly these days.

The point of this exercise is an appointment at my surgeons' office in Waltham at 08:45.

I will of course also want to arrange for someone to help me up the stairs when I get home. I hope to go to my office and do some errands after the appointment, so if someone's available for ten minutes between, say, 15:00 and 20:00, please let me know.
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