Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Tired, but happy

I'm now cleared to be fully weight bearing on my left leg "as tolerated." Between contortions for X-rays and walking rather a lot in my walker (walking in a walker is a lot more tiring than I'd have ever imagined), I'm pretty wiped. Sweettea kindly agreed to swing by at 12:30 to help me with the front porch stairs. For what may well be the last time: I expect PT tomorrow will focus on walking with crutches, which I've done before, and on getting myself up and down stairs without needing someone else to carry anything. I think there's a fair chance I'll cleared to solo on the stairs by the end of that session; certainly within a week.

There is of course a lot more to do before I'm back to anything like normal. Still, my general mood right now is pretty happy. Just maybe a little too tired and sore to fully enjoy it....
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