Alex (yakshaver) wrote,


Tomorrow (Sunday) is my birthday. Once again I haven't gotten around to making any plans to celebrate, so will plan on doing something later in the year. More when I know more

But this year my birthday's approach has been accompanied by a lot of soul-searching. I'm going to be trying to make some deliberate changes in how I approach life. Not least I'm going to be posting more. (And yes, I know this isn't ghe first time I've resolved to do that. I think (hope) I've learned some important life lessons from the trip through the emotional wringer I've been on these past few months. I know that writing my thoughts is the best thing for organizing my mind. I know that sharing my thoughts with my friends, and attending to what you all share with me, are fundamental to helping me stay centered. And I am resolved to act on that knowledge. Now to put knowledge and resolution together into consistent action.)

Posting more frequently, and being less obsessively perfectionistic about what I post, is of course only part of how I think I need to change my life. But the only one I'm ready to talk about publicly, at least for now.

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