Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

I have become a squeeing fanboy in my old age

Last weekend, to mark the fiftieth anniversary, Paramount held a big Star Trek Fan Event and flew in Adam Savage to host it.

Upon leaving the event — because the event was very long and had a party for the fans — I left the party a secret gathering of nerds in L.A. So I walk in and I see my host, my friend Bill, and I say "Bill..." and he's like "Where were you?" and I said "I was hosting the Star Trek fan event. Honestly, I think in a gethering of nerds, I might win." And he said "You might. Except you passed Will Wheaton at the door; he's over there. And by the way" — and he reaches his hand around and produced Levar Burton. He's like, "At the very best, Adam, you come in third."

When I was younger, I thought of myself as a fan of SF generally, but really didn't think of myself as a fan of any particular writer or media personality, and held that sort of fandom in some disdain. But that's definitely changed as I've gotten older. (Which is drawing my mind down some tangled byways I'm going to ignore for now, because I'm trying to write posts that I actually post rather than a verbal meander I'll likely never finish. So another day.)

So as Mythbusters was winding down, I stumbled onto what was then a side project of Adam's, Which, though not all of Adam's interests float my boat, is generally fun. The quote above is from a video that went up on the site today, which I'll embed below. Adam finished the anecdote above at about 10:40, and I realized that this is one of the many things that I've been wanting to share with people, but failing to because I wanted to write a compelling introduction that would make enthuse all my friends. That I have, in short, been letting the best be the enemy of the good. Which is bad.

So — I hope you enjoy:

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