Alex (yakshaver) wrote,


Well, that was interesting. Two-and-a-half hours ago, as I start writing this post, I hit the submit button on a 13-word comment on a friend's post. A minute later I found myself thinking of a related incident from my youth. Which I proceeded to dive into with nary a thought for the nearly-finished post I started ten days ago about memory and literary influence and Spider Robinson. I now surface with 900 words of IMO pretty good prose, which it will take another hour to turn into a finished piece. But after the accidental all-nighter last week that seriously messed with me for days after, I've made a commitment to myself to be in bed by midnight. Regardless of how tasty whatever I'm in the midst of may be.

So consider this a promissory note: The memory-and-influence post. The 900-words-and-counting post. And the complete transcript of Nate DiMeo's The White Horse. All by the end of June.

So mote it be. :^)

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