Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Emma Watson + Lin-Manuel Miranda = Squee!

So, this is the video that reminded me of how cool an adult Emma Watson has become. But when I started writing a post about it, I realized that I really wanted to make the serious point, and draw the attention of any of my readers who weren't already familiar with it to her committment.

Having done that in my previous post...

In this video, Emma Watson interviews Lin Miranda about Hamilton. And the two of them have so much fun talking to each-other it's just totally contagious. A teaser if you haven't already decided to watch the video (or arguably a spoiler if you have): At one point, Lin-Manuel Miranda says "We have to sort the founders into Hogwarts houses." And Hermione Emma is totally on top of it. Prompting the moment in the screencap above, when Lin turns to the camera and says "When you reply to this on twitter, please just put the GIF of her raising her hand..."

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