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Rings a bell....

A couple of minutes ago I was editing a file in Emacs when I hit ^k — and simultaneously with the text to the right of point in the line I was editing disappearing, heard a little bell sound. Quite soft, and seeming to come from out in the world rather than my earbuds. I kept typing, thinking it must have just been a stray sound out in the world somewhere.

Then it happened again.

WTF? I've certainly had stray keystrokes cause mysterious occurrences in Emacs before. But I hadn't had any of those OMFG what did I do? ^_ ^_ ^_ moments recently.

Go to the end of the buffer. ^k. Ding!

^k. Ding!

It lingers a little. Resonates. Like a real bell does, as I was reminded recently when I took my deskset apart recently and accidentally bounced a screwdriver tip off one of its bells.

And boy does it seem to be coming from the world, not my earbuds.

So I take out my earbuds.

^k. Ding!

Double check: Yes, earbuds are plugged into my laptop's headphone jack. Also, with them off, it's both clearer and seems to be coming from somewhere off to the right....

^k. Ding!

Okay — about 30° right. Where my bass guitar is leaned against a corner, too long untouched. Is it trying to get my attention?

But the sound is to high pitched for my bass to make without my hands being involved. And the left well down its neck. Leaving aside the question of how typing ^k over here could cause it to generate a note. To say nothing of the fact that it's an inanimate object.

^k. Ding!

Wait. What if....

Tap finger on desk. Ding!

I look around. I just, a few minutes ago, made an ad-hoc glove drying rack out of a couple of wooden spoons and a big stainless steel cup. (The kind you make milkshakes in.)

Pick up cup. Tap finger on desk. Ding!

There's a 400 ml beaker I just used as a milk glass.

Pick up beaker. Tap finger on desk. Muffled thump.

Set beaker down. Tap finger on desk. Muffled thump.

I haven't been able to put the beaker back on my desk in such a way that tapping the desk makes it ring. I can get something very close to the same sound by tapping its rim oh so gently with my fingernail. But it's not the same. And now that it's gone, I miss my little unexpected bell. :-(

But perhaps a few angels got their wings tonight, and are now fluttering over my desk.

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