Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

One last picture from my iPhone

This will probably be the last photo I take with my iPhone:

I was thinking of calling it Amazon packing robot fails again: I've long assumed that Amazon boxes with one little thing in a box at least twice the necessary size in each dimension were packed by robots whose algorithms needed an overhaul. An assumption predicated on the belief that no human would pack a box so poorly.

But the past couple of years have wrought havoc on my optimistic view of my fellow humans: In a world where people can be so casually reckless as to vote for a Brexit or a Donald Trump, it seems foolish to imagine that there aren't plenty of people who take no pride whatsoever in their work. And that a person in a crap job packing a box so lamely is at least as likely as a programmer having so little pride as to let code go into production that would have a robot do that packing job.

Bur I digress. And that way madness lies.

As I am a few days from becoming an Android user, I have some questions that I hope some of you can help with. One of the things I'm looking forward to is hackability. Am I anywhere close to reality when I imagine that the core telephone functionality might be scriptable? Providing an API that would let me script how incoming calls are handled? Maybe something along the lines of

if not callerID | (callerID not in myContacts & callerID not in myPlacedCalls):
    ring = silent
    ringtime = 1
    VMgreeting = dontKnowYouLeaveMessageMaybeIllCallBack.ogg

Please, please may it be so. Starting about two years ago, being on the national do-not-call list seemed to stop having any effect. First it was a few spam calls. Then they began to outnumber real calls. Eventually I stopped answering calls if my phone didn't recognize the caller. But every once in a while — for instance, most of the day today — I'm expecting a call from a number I can't know in advance. So today I was answering all my incoming calls. And, like every time I've done that for more than half a day in the past year, I answered a call from what turned out to be a spammer. Today, three of them. I've learned to ignore the phone manners my mother inculcated in me, and just hang up on those people. But I hate having to do it. And after every day like today, the irritation I feel on a normal day when I take my phone out of my pocket a number I don't recognize grows. Being able to just script ignoring those calls would be fantastic.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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