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Lend Luggage?

Edit: Nevermind. All covered, thanks to Abbe (who I don't think has an account here).

Short form: Does anyone want to lend me a rollaway bag til Dec? One you're okay with leaving to the tender mercies of baggage handlers and the TSA, please.

One I can pick up tomorrow?

Long form: I'm flying out on Thursday to visit my sister for the first time in more than ten years. I've had my tickets for more than a month, and have for all that time thought I had done all the necessary planning and had everything in order for the trip.

@MrRogers{Can you say hubris, boys and girls?}

Okay, that's hyperbole. But until a few minutes ago, I was quite sure I'd seen my rollaway go into the very back of the big closet in my room when I moved in. I was wrong. There's a ratty old LL Bean book bag the same color as my rollaway (i.e. black) that I must have somehow misparsed when I saw it among the first loads to go into the closet back in August.

I can make the aforementioned ratty old book bag and my current book bag. But it will be a much less annoying trip with a rollaway.

So, if you have a rollaway you won't miss if it's away for a couple of weeks, and it's realistically possible for me to pick it up tomorrow (or possibly tonight), please let me know. I'll be keeping an eye out here, but if you could txt me at 617 901 6954 as well, that will get my attention quicker.

And thank you for even considering it. Which I assume if you've read this far, you did.

You may now point and laugh :^)

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