Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Tape reel?

I don't suppose anyone around Boston has an empty ¼-inch magnetic tape reel laying around gathering dust, and would like me to take it off your hands? (Hey, it's worth a shot. At least among my friends....)

@WAYRTTD?{I have a 30m flat cat5 cable. Which is in many ways a lot handier to keep close to hand for those moments when I suddenly need 'net in some dark corner than a normal cat5 cable even half as long. But one way in which it is emphatically not handier is wrapping it up when I'm done with it: it always ends up a tangled mess. I'm pretty sure a ¼-inch tape reel would be the ideal way to store it. Unfortunately, it's been a good 25 years since I regularly scattered around friends apartments. But on the off chance....}

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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