Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Consumerism: Good < 1ℓ insulated pitcher?

I have an excelent 1.5ℓ coffee pitcher: It will keep a four-to-six person team-meeting in hot coffee for an hour — or two people working on a project for a half-day. But when it's only me, it's just too much. 1.5ℓ isn't necessarily more coffee than I want in a day. But it's definitely more than I should. And after five or six hours, most of it more than half-empty, it's lukewarm.

I was hoping the people who make it sell a smaller one as well. But if they do, my Google-fu has failed to find any sign of it. So if anyone knows of a good < 1ℓ coffee pitcher, please tell me about it.

Thanks in advance!

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