Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Pick me up at the hospital Tues?

I just got off an hour-long phone with my surgeon's nurse, discussing the stuff I need to do in preparation for my carpel-tunnel surgery Tues. In which I learned something I had not anticipated: There needs to be someone accompanying me home. And I have to let them know the day before who that will be. (I wasn't expecting to drive myself home: I'm going to be anesthetized. But I was figuring on just calling a Lyft. But they're not okay with that: they'll only discharge me into the care of someone who'll make sure I get home.)

So: if anyone would be able to pick me up at Beth Israel Needham sometime Tues, I'd be most grateful. (They don't do operating room scheduling until the day before: so "Tuesday after 10 am; before 7 pm" is the best I can do til sometime Monday afternoon.) If you're willing but don't drive, we can work make that work: The person they discharge me to doesn't have to drive me home: Just accompany me home.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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