Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

looking for an interim phone

I lost my phone Tuesday. Skipping the details, I've now given up on finding it, and have ordered a refurb and a new SIM. Which, because I didn't want to pay the penalties for panic shipping, will arrive next week.

But now it occurs to me that not having a cell phone during the first weekend of rush is tempting Murphy's laws.

So: does anyone know of a place in greater Boston that I can walk into and — < 30 minutes later and without a fight about not wanting a new phone or a plan — walk out with a prepaid SIM on a GSM network? And by that same token, does anyone have an old disused GSM phone sitting in a drawer you'd be willing to lend, sell, or give me for the weekend? Or of anywhere non-sketchy that sells such?

Thanks in advance!

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