Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Amazon's AI is sometimes eerily good

I don't recall ever having ordered either a Robert Heinlein or a Spider Robinson book from Amazon. It's been better than ten years since I regularly read enough fantasy or SF to call myself a fan. But today I signed on to Amazon and the "Plog" presented me with this:
Another '50s hero is being resurrected from the archives: sci-fi superstar Robert A. Heinlein. Via Quill & Quire (subscription required), we hear about the discovery a few years ago of Heinlein's outline and notes from 1955 for a novel he never completed. Heinlein's literary executors signed Spider Robinson, who was inspired to write by Heinlein and later became his friend, to give life to Heinlein's ideas, and the result comes out in September as Variable Star. (Read more on the project at Robinson's own website.) These sorts of collaborations with the dead are usually recipes for disaster, but Robinson's own skills and his respect for the master give one hope. If the rave blurb you can find on our detail page from Byrds member and Heinlein aficionado David Crosby is any measure, he pulls it off. (The early Publishers Weekly review on our site judges that Robinson captures Heinlein's "naiive yet advanced tone," but finds a clash in sensibilities at work.) --Tom, Books Editor

The Amazon AI absolutely nailed this one. I am so buying this book.
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