Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

I need to give BSG a second chance

It was as a teenager, during the initial network TV run of the original Battlestar Galactica, that I quit being willing to watch a TV show just because it was SF. So when BSG was resurrected in 2003, I wasn't very hopeful. (Especially after having my expectations raised by the first four seasons of Babylon 5 and Firefly. So I watched roughly half an episode of the new BSG miniseries in 2003, went "Enh", and haven't given it much thought since. (Yes, a lot of my friends have been raving about it. But I became inured to my friends raving about a show during the heyday of The X Files.)

But I just listened to this review, ion NPR's Weekend Edition, which blew me away. One of NPR's top political reporters, Andrea Seabrook, who normally covers Congress, was guest hosting this morning.

Andrea Seabrook:
I'm going to name a television show, and I predict you're going to think of campy plastic spaceships, and tin-can robots.... The new, updated Battlestar Galactica is not only not cheesy, it takes on some of the most complex ethical issues of our time. Still, don't take my word for it, Weekend Edition's entertainment critic Elvis Mitchell joins us.... [They exchange greetings, and she continues:] Elvis, okay, I confess: I love this show. It's dark — it's like film noir, almost — the characters are complex, and the story lines are relevant, of all things. The reviews also back me up, don't they?
Elvis Mitchell:
Yes. Nice to have the critics turn around and be right every once in a while.... There tend to be two kinds of Sci-Fi shows: The Star Trek model and the Star Wars model.... This ... is like neither....

The discussion gets difficult to condense at that point, and I don't want to transcribe the whole thing. But it makes a compelling case for why the new BSG is great television. A very compelling case. So I've decided to give BSG another chance.

So, to those of you going "Told you so!" right now, I say "Yes, you did. Thank you. Now, when you're done gloating, would you be so kind as to tell me where I should start with old episodes, and which are essential to watch in order to get current enough that watching new episodes will make sense?"

Thanks in advance!

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