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After waking up at 7:30 Saturday morning to the sound of it raining like cats and dogs, and reading email over coffee from one of the guys I'd hired to help me move, sent the evening before, saying have you seen the weather report? How about punting to Sunday?, I did exactly that. Which turned out better than I could have imagined. The extra day at the old place let me take care of nearly all the little details that I would otherwise have had to deal with after the move, when they would have been more annoying on account of interfering with time I could have been spending unpacking. There's still a little to do there, but well under 4 hours worth.

U-Haul used to have an ad campaign (may still, for all I know) whose tag line was "adventure in moving". This always struck me as roughly as attractive an idea as adventure in dentistry. When moving, the last thing I want is adventure.

The closest I got to adventure today was (1) a little confusion on account of not realizing that when I woke up and my clock said 6:30, it was actually 5:30; I could have really used that extra hour's sleep. (2) The discovery while re-assembling it that my bed frame had lost four little dowel-pins; this was quickly solved by a trip to the hardware store. And (3) that in my carefully planned pre-moving of the things I would want to be able to find quickly my first night and morning here, I had neglected to bring a mattress pad. Since the dirty laundry was one of the last things packed, and conspicuous among everything else for being in a big black garbage bag tied with a zip tie, that problem is now being solved in the dryer.

It was, in short, the least annoying move ever. We were done, including returning the truck and driving back from the rental place, by 4:00, just under six hours from when we started. I was exhausted by then, as much by the week's prep as by the day's work. But little Mexican food. By 5:30 I had the bed almost fully re-assembled (i.e. had found the empty holes where the dowel pins belonged) — just in time to get to the hardware store before it closed at 6. In spite of the timestamp (LJ seems to have decided I'm in GMT while I wasn't looking, and I decided to leave it alone), it's now about 8:00. I have just had my (badly needed) first shower in the new place, and am now sitting here warm and dry, with the distant hum of the dryer the loudest sound I hear.
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