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Last night I came upon a box of DVDs I packed over two years ago, when kareila, alierak, and I moved out of the house we'd been sharing in Watertown. So I decided to give myself a break and watch an old favorite. Which in turn prompted me to remember how much I love movies, and to think that maybe one of the things I could do with LJ is use it to keep track of which ones I've seen and what I thought of them.

So from now on when I watch (or re-watch) a movie, I'm going to try to write an entry about it — even if only to note the title. (One of my problems with such undertakings in the past (most notably several reading logs I've started and abandoned over the years) is that I feel like I ought to write something coherent, and when I don't have time to organize my thoughts, end up not writing anything at all. Then some number of years later I find myself twenty pages into a book going this seems familiar. I'm hoping a commitment from the start to write something, even if it's only the title, will keep me from falling into that pattern on this.) These entries will carry the "movies" tag. Which may prompt me to start using tags in some regular and organized way.
Tags: movies
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