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Fine day

Just a quick entry while I have lunch — it's been a while since I posted. It's a lovely blue-sky day; most people probably think it's a little chilly, but it's shirt-sleeve weather to me. A light breeze is making the trees that still have them shake out a few of their leaves. I've been doing random errands around the house that don't involve unpacking into not-yet-empty rooms. One thing I did was inflate my bike's tires and get on it for the first time since before the stroke. It was a little weird: I had a little trouble initially positioning my left foot on the pedal correctly, and I didn't even consider trying to get it into the clip. But once it was in a good position it stayed there, and I went a couple blocks — as far as I can go without dealing with either a busy street or a hill, neither of which I quite felt up to. Made a slightly wobbly U-turn, during which I wished the street were a tad wider, rode back, and had an interesting moment as I entered the driveway and realized I wasn't quite sure I remembered how to dismount. Given that my criteria for success were don't fall down, it went extremely well. Perhaps some day this week I'll venture as far as the Diesel.

Well, more to do and not much sunlight left. Maybe I'll post more later.
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