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How is a Kinesis like a bicycle?

It's been a busy few days, and I've made a real dent in the unpacking. To the point where I am typing this entry on my Kinesis, sitting in a proper chair, at an actual desk, looking at my cinema display. For the first time since June. (I never really got unpacked at the place I moved in July, at first because I was waiting for various work around the apartment to be done, and then because I knew I'd be moving to this place. So in a sense I've felt like I was camping out for four months.)

Rather like riding my bike the other day, typing on the Kinesis is a little wobbly, but it's all coming back to me quickly. (For those of you not familiar with them, Kinesis recommends you not use any other keyboard your first two weeks with one of theirs, or you'll never properly adapt to it. That was certainly my experience.) I've had a lot of ideas, both fiction and non-fiction, floating around the past several months but haven't wanted to sit and write for extended periods on a laptop keyboard. Now maybe I'll make progress with some of them. Stay tuned.

The one piece of bad news is that I somehow seriously aggravated my planter fasciitis over the weekend. I just finished eight weeks of physical therapy for it, and had thought it was under control, but it's been hurting like hell all day. Since being able to walk comfortably is kind of critical to any progress on my health, this is actually even more annoying than it is painful. Unfortunately it seems to be one of those areas where medicine is more art than science — but I've asked for a referral to an orthopedist anyway. Fortunately the aircast I was given for it back in May or so was too ungainly to pack in a box when I moved, so it was fairly easy to find. I've been wearing it for the past few hours or so; it keeps me from putting much strain on it when I hobble around the house, which in turn reduces the pain. But, damn, I really don't need this. I suppose the silver lining in that is that perhaps I can spend tomorrow keeping my leg immobile and catching up on my writing.
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