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I'm leaving Thursday for three weeks in England! Things are still a little up in the air, like where I'm spending my first two nights there, but it'll come together. I'm going to spend time in Cambridge, where I've never been before, with my friend Matthew, and in London with Liz & Eric. I'm going to spend as much time as I can on my feet --- I've gotten terribly out of the habit of walking, but my new orthotics seem to be working out well. Maybe I'll even actually go walking in the English countryside, which I've only ever seen to date out train windows. "Rambling", as they say. And not working, not thinking about work, not too much considered, deliberate thinking about anything. (I don't remember what occasioned it, but when she was here a couple weeks ago, pupcake remarked, in reaction to something I said, "You're always thinking, aren't you?". I wasn't sure whether it was compliment or criticism, but yes, I am. But I can take some time off systematic thinking, and I'm going to.)

I'm leaving at 9 a.m. Thursday, which means getting up ungodly early by my standards, but I suppose that will help the adjustment to UK time. If I'm lucky, I'll clear customs at Heathrow by 9 p.m. local. The first time I was in London I left on Oct. 30, so I have some idea what to expect from the weather. While it's low on the list of things that suck about global warming, I doubt I'll see snow.

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