Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

I'm in London

and it's raining. But I don't mind --- I find it rains here like it rains in the northwest: For the most part, it doesn't storm, it just gently migrates water from the sky to the earth. Sometimes as a light mist, sometimes as a steady drizzle, but rarely seriously pouring. When I was a kid I never owned rain gear --- the closest thing I had was my very first REI purchase, a parka with a very high threadcount cotton shell, such that the first moisture to penetrate would make the fibers swell up so no water could actually get through. But I took the hood off that parka the day I bought it and never wore it. Sadly, my fine thick hair is now fine thin hair, and no longer sheds the rain, so I now own a hat. A Tilly hat, which seems to evoke one of two responses from people: "what a cool hat!", and "what a dumb hat". It is, of course, both, but in my book its practicality wins.

Anyway, if I'm not jetlaged it's not for lack of trying. I should try to get some sleep.

Tags: travel
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