Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

neunundneunzig mooninniten

"Mooninites", as I learned last wednesday, are cartoon characters. Pretty innocuous cartoon characters, unless you're one of Boston's Finest, in which case they magically transform into terrorist bombs!!!

On thursday, to commemorate the previous day's wondrous event, derspatchel published filk lyrics to the 80s hit 99 Luftballons. (Which you probably know in its English version, "99 red balloons." For reasons I no longer remember I had it in the original German back in the day. Maybe just because I like the German version better.)

Ninety-nine cops on the scene
Can't believe what they've just seen
There's batteries and wires, too
And no one knows just what to do
They look explosive, clench your fists
They must be from terrorists!
We better blast them to the sky
Cause ninety-nine Mooninites must die

Read the entire filk. Or listen to a performance by juldea. (A tad off key, I'm afraid. But hey, it's filk.)

I don't know either derspatchel or juldea, by the way. LJ turns out to be packed full of creative people.

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