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Ok, I got the first DVD of BSG from netflix last week, and got sucked into the story enough that I'm now in the middle of the second. For the most part I'm finding it to be well above the space opera level I remember the original as being. The characters are fairly real, the writing is solid, and the overall story arc is interesting. There are minor irritants: some writer should be bitch-slapped for the exploding missile on the hanger deck in episode 4. (We can make weapons safe against exploding on being dropped in the 20th century, but come the 25th we've forgotten how? And figured out how to make impact accidentally light off a rocket motor to boot? Give me a break. You want to kill a bunch of pilots off with a hanger deck accident, fine. There are lots of believable accidents to choose from.)

But there's one big irritant: Baltar. Every single moment of screen time he gets totally blows my suspension of disbelief. We're apparently supposed to accept that he gets away with acting as weird as he does because people put it off to him being a neurotic genius. I know plenty of neurotic geniuses, and this guy would have people edging away from him and not wanting to talk about anything important or sensitive in front of him at a neurotic genius convention. Talking to someone who isn't there, in public, will get you talked about in the most benign of times and places. On a spaceship in the middle of a war it's going to get you put away. In a padded room if you're lucky, out an airlock if you're not.

So a question for those of you who love this show: Is there some way of viewing the universe of the show that lets you find him plausible? I haven't seen the pilot miniseries or whatever it was that came before "33"; maybe something in that made it clear that the stuff we see him doing is ... I don't know, fuzzed out somehow in the minds of those who see him, so it seems less weird to them than it is? Or it's all in his head, including how twitchy he appears on camera, and his behaviour as seen through the eyes of those around them is far more normal? Or have you just learned to accept that in the BSG world this guy who comes off like a spastic basset hound is allowed access to sensitive information and the highest levels of the command authority?
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