Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

recommend a good padlock?

I was thinking of riding my bike somewhere today and realized I have no idea what's become of the key to my bike lock. It's an old Kryptonite "New York" lock: A heavy square-stock hardened chain with a small U-lock, not much bigger than a typical padlock to hold the ends of the chain together. I could get a new key for the lock, but I suspect it's suceptable to a variant of the bic pen attack, and fortunately I stored it unlocked, so it hardly seems worthwhile. Instead, I'd like to see if I can find a different lock to use with the chain. I'd like to find a lock that wouldn't be conspicuously the weakest link in comparison to the chain. Can anyone recommend a padlock (or some other type of lock) that would be roughly as daunting to thieves with bolt cutters as heavy hardened steel chain?
Tags: cycling, geek
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