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Spring is in the air

A man flirted with me this afternoon; the first time that's happened in ages. He was tremendously charming, and so cute I almost wished I was bi. Wistful sigh. He did put a spring in my step and a smile on my lips for the rest of the afternoon.

On another matter at least obliquely related to vanity, can anyone recommend a really good dry cleaner? I'm going through some stuff that's been in storage for a while, and came across one thing I hadn't seen in ... almost as long as it's been since a man flirted with me. Over twenty years ago, when surplus stores still sold actual surplus, I bought a beautiful heavy wool coat, which if I recall correctly was being sold as an East German Army overcoat. It hasn't fit for quite a few years, but I've always kept it, carefully stored, in the hope of one day being able to wear it again. If the stroke did nothing else, it focused my attention on getting into shape, and for the first time in years, actually being able to wear it again someday seems achievable. I'd like to have it cleaned by someone who would know how to give it proper care. I suspect I put it away all those years ago without having it cleaned first (it is, at any rate, not in a cleaner's bag, and doesn't have a tag attached). I'd like to get it properly cared for now.
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