Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

LJ fuckage

First: This is my own damned fault. I know better than to type something I actually want to be sure gets where it's going into a web form.

I just lost a long and thoughtful reply to a friend's LJ post. The last I saw of it, when trying to preview it, was LJ telling me it was 4662 characters and the comment limit was 4300. And when I dismissed it (clicked ok? I don't remember), I landed on a page saying "Error Invalid form submission. Please refresh and try again." Neither refreshing nor the back button got me back my 4662 characters of if-I-do-say-so-myself pretty good prose.

Those of you who know LJ's internals: Is there any hope it's in their database somewhere?

Those of you who know people who work at LJ: Could you ask them what fucking planet they are on? Who the fuck cares whether a reply is 4300 or 4662 or 100k bytes long? It's 2007. You can get a terabyte of disk for $300 retail. Enough for four million comments the size of Hamlet

Seriously, if these fields have to have limits, why aren't they well above the number of characters a person might actually want to type into the damned form?
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