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.... I want to ride it where I like

I just finished by far the longest bike ride I've taken since I moved to the top of a steep hill in Watertown and quit biking to work in 2001. Not much of a ride, really — just out to Spy Pond and back; roughly equivalent to my commute when I used to ride to work. But given it's only the fourth time I've been on my bike at all since the stroke, and the first time I've gone more than a half-mile, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Things I discovered, in no particular order:

  • I'm not actually sure the stroke has affected my balance; it may have just left me more concerned about my balance.
  • Being concerned about my balance makes me try to get off to a quick start.
  • If you're clumsy, trying to get off to a quick start with your left foot in the clip and your right foot down can result in whacking yourself in the back of your right calf with a rat-trap.
    • If you're clumsy and on blood thinners, this can make quite a mess.
  • I should add a first aid kit to my bike bag.
  • Massachusetts Bicyclists can be nearly as annoying as Massachusetts drivers.
  • Riding a bicycle really is a skill you never forget.
    • Getting your foot firmly seated in the clip while you're in motion is not.
  • After 45 minutes of unfamiliar exercise, a half-hour of people-watching in Davis is a good cool-down.
  • A ham & cheddar & sliced-apple crepe is an especially yummy post-workout meal.

I'm having my first physical with my new doctor on Tuesday, which coincidentally is the second anniversary of my stroke. I'll be posting a general health update afterward. I don't want to jinx it, but I'm expecting my cleanest bill of health in years.

Last year, I celebrated not being dead yet on the anniversary of my stroke. This year, I think I'll celebrate on the anniversary of getting out of the hospital. Please pencil in Saturday, Aug. 25th for a get-together at my place. Details to follow.

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