Alex (yakshaver) wrote,


A couple of weeks ago, on my longest bike ride of the millennium so far, I came upon a place where some charming person had decided to break a few bottles on the bike path. I failed to notice this in time to avoid it, so was not too surprised when I took my bike out of the garage last weekend to find one tire flat and unable to hold pressure. I'd already been thinking about investing in one of the improvements in bike technology that's come along since I was riding much: kevlar tires. And the bike needed a tune-up anyway. So I put it in the back of the car, drove it to the shop, and asked for a tune-up, new tires, and a few other minor repairs. Being the middle of summer, turn-around time was a week, so I walked to the bike shop today, rode it back home, and waited for the heat of the day to pass, intending to take a fairly long (by my current standards) in the last couple of hours before sundown. (I have too little recent experience riding in traffic at all to be willing to do so at night yet.)

So a bit after 7:00 I got out of the house. Less than ten minutes later, I started feeling an odd vibration tied to the rotation of my tires, and less than 100 feet later I had a totally flat rear tire. This time without even having bothered to ride over glass. I stood there for five minutes repeating variations of "I don't fucking believe this" under my breath, and walked the bike back home. Tomorrow I take it back to the bike shop and try again.
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