Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Lindsay Lohan: has-been

I have very little idea who Lindsey Lohan is, actually: I'm a bad little consumer and tend not to be up on whatever the entertainment industry is pimping this week. I've heard her name in the background radiation; if you asked me yesterday, I'd have guessed she was a barely-out-of-puberty starlet; a Scarlett Johannson with, I would have guessed, bigger boobs and smaller talent. But today I know what she is: Yesterday's news.

As I was walking home from the T I heard a young man whose clothes screamed out "slave to fashion" talking to a young woman with similar sartorial issues. And I quote:
Those classic movie stars, they can fuckin' work today, seventy, eighty fuckin' years old, I'd go see 'em. But the fuckin' Lindsey Lohans of our generation, they just fuckin' blow. They're a fuckin' dime a dozen."
If I had stock in Lindsey Lohan, I'd have rushed right home and sold it.
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