Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

zipper repair

I have a winter parka that last fit me six years ago, and now fits again. In the intervening years, I forgot that the other reason I quit wearing it was that the zipper is broken. I've already asked elsewhere for recommendations on a place to have it repaired; for my friends I have a different question:

How hard would this be to do myself? I haven't sewed in years, but I recently bought a cheap basic sewing machine, again, and might as well use it. But I seem to recall that zippers are much harder to get right than they look. And do me they look dead simple: cut out the old one just back of the teeth, sew the new one onto the remaining fabric of the old one with a couple runs of zig-zag, and you're set. I bet I'm wrong, and would rather not find out how wrong by experience....
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