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Inactivity sucks

So I may have jinxed myself when a I called the tendonitis in my achilles tendon "about as mild [an] ... injury as I could hope for". It's now been two weeks; not only has it not healed, it's gotten worse.

I can't tell you how much this frustrates me.

One thing I didn't think about when I decided to go car free was what if I have an injury that makes walking to the T a bad idea?. With no sign of the plantar fasciitis recurring for six months, I guess I was feeling so positive about the benefits of exercise that it just didn't cross my mind. So doing my best to follow my doctor's instructions to avoid weight-bearing exercise over the past two weeks has meant I walked about only about a mile a day on average. Which seems to have been too much. This became clear on Tuesday, when walking two miles total during the day left my ankle sore all evening. I stayed in doing stuff around the house Weds, but convinced myself walking to Davis to have dinner with siderea would be fine if I used my cane. That was a mistake: I haven't walked with a cane in almost two years, and have never done so left-handed, so I wasn't able to take much weight on the cane. My ankle was seriously unhappy with me by the time I got back. The only thing I did thursday was go out and shovel snow for 20 minutes. Which was fun, but I then got to spend the evening with my ankle sore as hell. I've stayed inside ever since, going gradually more stir crazy.

Somewhere in the past six months, being active changed from a habit I was trying to develop to part of who I am. Where in the past I've had the experience of being a sedenetary person forced occasionally to be active, now I'm an active person, forced to be sedentary. And it's annoying as all hell.

Right now I'm sitting here planning a grocery shopping trip so as to minimize being on my feet. (I am not the sort of person who normally even makes a list for grocery shopping, let along organizing the list by where things are in the store. But that's what I'm doing. Two cab fares and maybe 200 meters of walking, and I'll be able to hold up in the house staying off my feet for a week if that's what I need to do. Which I sure as hell hope it isn't.
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