Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Ikea run, anyone?

I'd like to do a little shopping at Ikea. Having gone car-free a few months ago makes this a more interesting proposition.....

I only need a few small items; if I were to go on my own I'd just book a zipcar for three hours. But if I could get a group together, including people who want to buy things it would be a pain to bring home in most cars, we could share the expense of a cargo van, and everyone come out ahead. Plus, since vans rent by the day instead of by the hour, it wouldn't have to be rushed.

For this to be economical (i.e. under $30 per person), I need at least three other people — and since cargo vans have only one passenger seat, one of them will have to bring their own car and one or more passengers. (Yes that's a little unfair to the person with the car. But they still get their big items home from Ikea cheaper than any other way. With six people we could split both the van and a zipcar for under $30 each, but I'm betting I won't see anything like that much interest.)

My timeframe is sometime after Christmas and before the end of January. Because cargo van rentals include a hefty per mile charge, I'm going to reserve the right to say "you're too far out" or "you have to pay a bigger share." A cargo van can hold a lot of stuff, but if you're planning on getting more than two of the big Ikea carts full of stuff, let me know that up front.

Let me know if you're interested. Also let me know if anything's unclear. If posting here doesn't draw enough interest by Christmas, I may post to Davis Square as well.
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