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USB compact flash reader that doesn't suck?

My USB compact flash card reader* has an oversized compact-flash slot. And as of this morning has an irreparable bent pin. I know this isn't a necessary problem because my camera (and other devices I've used in the past) firmly guides the body of the card so there's no way to bend the pins.

I don't suppose anyone can recommend a reader that doesn't have this self-sabotaging design flaw?
General Electric "19-in-1 Card Reader & 3-Port Hub" model 97962. It has (helpfully unlabeled) slots for three kinds of media, plus 3 USB ports. I'm sure some marketroid stayed up late figuring out how to count that as 19. Arguably I should have known better on account of the conspicuous lie on the label — but every single one of them had a similar lie.
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