Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Physical Therapy?

Davis is packed with young people, who tend to give themselves sports injuries and need physical therapy. So where are all the physical therapists? Harvard-Vanguard's PT unit can't see me for almost three weeks. (Who knows they they need physical therapy three weeks ahead of time?) The one I turned up by Googling (Lazarus Felice PT), according to the person who answered the phone "doesn't do conventional physical therapy" and also doesn't take my insurance; the one at 323 Broadway (according to the current LocalTel Yellow Pages), is actually now in Burlington, according to the guy on the phone. And the next nearest place I've found is in top of Winter Hill. Am I missing some secret hidden building full of physical therapists?

[Edit: I meant to post this to davis_square, but apparently missed my menu selection. I've now copied it over there, but am leaving it here for your mocking.]

[Edit 2: And a comment on the davis_square results in my having an initial PT appointment on Thursday. Yay!.]
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