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LJ filters and screening interactions?

LJ technical question: I just for the first time made a (locked) post with comments screened. And was annoyed to discover that replying to a comment unscreens it. I was thinking I'd just send replies using LJ's send-a-message interface, but that's clunky and loses context. So now I'm thinking
  • go to the edit entry interface
  • resave the entry as private (i.e. viewable only to me)
  • reply to all the comments
  • re-screen all the comments, and my replies
  • go to the edit interface again, and
  • save it as friends-locked to that same filter again
What a fucking kludge! Also, given how stupid LJ's interface appears to be with regard to this, I find myself wondering —
  • if I re-save a post as private, will LJ retroactively delete the existing comments?
  • Is LJ really this brain-damaged around screened comments, or am I missing something?
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